Blog Posts in 2017

  • 16-Jun-2017

    Pistol Packing Granny

    Readers of this blog may recall the discussion of concealed carry reform in December of last year. It seems the issue regarding the Second Amendment has arisen in Ohio once again. The discussion this time, however, seems to be that of a success ...
  • 22-Mar-2017

    Should Registered Offenders Tweet?

    Once again the information age is upon us and with the advent of social media, the lives of many have changed completely. What used to be conveyed by word of mouth or through a written letter is now widely broadcasted using social media sites such as ...
  • 17-Feb-2017

    Big Sister May Be Watching

    To say that we live in the age of technology and information would be an understatement. The average person is constantly bombarded with information and whether they realize it or not, is constantly sending information out as well. Whenever we wake ...

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