Blog Posts in 2015

  • 16-Nov-2015

    App Allows Users to Hide Secrets and Texts

    Users of smartphones have now found a new way of “sexting” without fear of a parent or significant other finding out. A search in either the Google or Apple stores will reveal hundreds of applications that are designed to hide their true ...
  • 29-Sep-2015

    High school students use social media for intimidation

    In an apparent lapse of judgment, two teens are experiencing legal trouble after being accused of posting threatening messages via social media. The teens are charged with inducing panic, and in addition are facing a school suspension. Although ...
  • 26-Aug-2015

    Controversial Sex Offender Law Being Challenged

    An Indiana state law that prevents sexual offenders from entering school buildings will be challenged in court. The basis of the lawsuit argues the law inhibits certain individuals from the right to vote. The lawsuit was filed by the American Civil ...
  • 4-Aug-2015

    Local Man Shoots Drone Out of Sky

    A Kentucky man has been arrested after shooting down a civilian drone circling his home. A Hillview man, as well as some neighbors, witnessed the drone flying over their properties and hovering in the sky. Shortly thereafter, the man grabbed his ...
  • 17-Jun-2015

    The Duggars: Did They Do Too Little?

    Over the past several weeks, the Duggar family has encountered its fair share of unwanted publicity. According to a newly discovered police report, Josh Duggar, now twenty-seven years old and the oldest child in TLC’s television show Nineteen ...
  • 26-May-2015

    Overdose Reversal Drug to Be Available Over-the-Counter

    This past Thursday the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy passed an emergency regulation which will allow pharmacists to provide Naloxone without a prescription. This measure comes in the wake of an unprecedented heroin epidemic that is affecting nearly ...
  • 20-Apr-2015

    Wrongly Imprisoned Ohio Men Receive Compensation

    After spending decades in prison, two wrongly accused and convicted brothers as well as their childhood friend are finally receiving some good news. The three men will receive more than $1.6 million dollars from the State of Ohio for wrongful ...
  • 27-Mar-2015

    Kentucky Legislation Intends to Fight Heroin Epidemic

    On Tuesday night, the Kentucky General Assembly voted to enact legislation designed to fight the growing heroin epidemic. The bill, known as Senate Bill 192, is designed to perform two critical functions. The first is to send a clear message that ...
  • 23-Mar-2015

    4th Amendment Violation Leads to Arrest

    In a recent appellate decision, a federal court has held that a former elementary school teacher is entitled to sue a police officer for false arrest. This stems from allegations by a seven year old that the counselor and child behavior specialist ...
  • 25-Feb-2015

    Be Careful What You Say in Front of Your...TV?

    After a recent review of Samsung’s SmartTV privacy policy, many owners of the manufacturer’s new line of televisions felt the need to put on tinfoil hats. The privacy policy warned owners that the “smart” television’s ...
  • 11-Feb-2015

    Police Find Value in Wearing Personal Cameras

    Likely stemming from controversial police decisions in the past year, the Bellevue Police Department has begun researching the use of body cameras on its officers. If the department implements this policy, it will join the likes of the Cincinnati ...
  • 9-Jan-2015

    Leaked Photos Lead to High School Controversy

    Local students have found themselves in hot water over allegations regarding nude photos of fellow classmates circulating via cell phones. These allegations have led to a criminal investigation by an area police department; which has already ...

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