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Is Drug Possession a Felony in Ohio?

In Ohio, drug possession can be classified as a felony largely depending on the type and amount of the controlled dangerous substance (CDS) found in your possession. Depending on the “schedule” that the controlled dangerous substance falls under you could face felony charges in the fifth degree up to felony charges in the first-degree which will determine the severity of the penalties you can face.

Possession of a controlled substance in Ohio, whether it is marijuana or cocaine, can result in fines and possibly time in jail or prison. At Bleile & Dawson, we are highly familiar with Ohio drug crime laws and can build a strong defense to prevent you from the harsh consequences of a conviction. We know your rights and are prepared to provide the tireless representation that you need in order to protect your freedom!

Contact a criminal defense lawyer from Bleile & Dawson as soon as possible to learn how we can help. Each Cincinnati criminal defense attorney from our firm has the training, knowledge and skill to fight your charges. With our help, you could have your drug crime charges reduced or entirely dismissed.

Facing charges for possession of a controlled substance in Ohio? Call now at (513) 399-5945 for a free case evaluation!

Penalties for Marijuana Possession in Ohio

  • Less than 100g:
    • Minor misdemeanor
    • Fine of $150
  • 100g or more:
    • Misdemeanor of the fourth degree
    • Up to 30 days in jail
    • Fine of $250
  • 200g or more:
    • Felony of the fifth degree
    • 6 months - 1 year in jail / prison
    • Fine of $2,500
  • 1,000g or more:
    • Felony of the third degree
    • 1 - 5 years in jail / prison
    • Fine of $10,000
  • 5,000g or more:
    • Felony of the third degree
    • Presumption of a prison term
    • 1 - 5 years in prison
    • Fine of $10,000
  • 20,0000g or more:
    • Felony of the second degree
    • Mandatory prison term of 5, 6, 7 or 8 years
    • Fine of $15,000
  • More than 40,000g:
    • Felony of the first degree
    • Mandatory prison term of 8 years (maximum term for felony of the second degree)
    • Fine of $15,000 
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