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Have you been arrested? Are you facing serious criminal charges? Don't fight your accusations alone! You need experienced and proven legal counsel in your corner. Whether you are being investigated for a crime or have already been charged, it is crucial that you start building your defense today. At the law firm of Bleile & Dawson, we put our years of combined experience to work for our clients in Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

In the world of criminal defense litigation and laws, everything can seem quite bleak as the criminal justice system insists you have done wrong and must be punished. At our law firm, we deliberately keep our outlook positive because we know the last thing you need is more discouragement. The truth of the matter is that your case has a strong chance of success if you take the initiative.

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Supportive and Constructive Sex Crime Defense Lawyers

Another legal area we focus on here at our Cincinnati criminal defense law firm is sex crimes. Our nation is incredibly sensitive to any sex crime allegations and the accused are often hit with negative stigma and a biased light that shines not in their favor. Our attorneys believe that this “judge first, try second” mentality towards sex offenders is unjust, tipping the legal system unfairly and ignoring much of our country’s own principles.

With thorough investigations and by working closely with our clients, we have discovered that many sex crime allegations are based on clear exaggerations, muddled misunderstandings, or, worst of all, completely falsified claims. This ties back to our ability to give you prearrest representation. If you suspect that someone is going to accuse you of a sex crime, regardless of how much evidence there may or may not be, you should talk to us right away. With us by your side from the moment the police arrive at your door, you can feel confident that your future is bright and that your chances of securing a beneficial outcome are high.

Prearrest Success to Keep Things Simple

At Bleile & Dawson, we know that there is no one way to win a criminal defense case, and that every moment counts when it comes to crafting your defense. This does not only include what happens in the jailhouse or the courtroom; acting quickly can mean successfully preventing your arrest from every occurring. We have taken up an intentional focus on prearrest cases, providing proactive defense strategies that not many other defense firms in the country can offer. Benefits of a successful case with prearrest representation include no arrest on your criminal record; saves you time spent in county jail; eliminates costly court fees; and fast resolution – no stress!

We feel it is important to encourage this sort of legal advocacy, not only because it allows our clients a simpler way to handle criminal violation accusations but also because not many people in Ohio even know this is an option. If you were to believe the criminal justice system or law enforcement agencies, you would always have to wait for handcuffs to be placed on your wrists before seeking legal assistance. This is simply not the case and it is to your benefit, and the opposition’s disadvantage, for you to make the first move.

How We Defend Our Clients

  • “I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for hardworking attorneys who do not delay or waste time on a case.”

    Sarah Holmes

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    Jill T.

  • “They are worth every penny, so SELECT THEM.”


  • “They are simply The Best of The Best and will be a part of my life until I die.”

    RICK C.

  • “Most trustworthy and reliable attorneys”

    Sarah B.

  • “I knew I was innocent and she knew I was, too and had all charges dropped.”

    Former Client

  • “His firm is honest and knowledgeable. I can't say enough.”

    Scott A.

  • “They truly are exceptional.”


  • “Have already recommended her to a friend and would do so again.”


  • “I highly recommend Bleile & Dawson to anyone with legal troubles.”


  • “At the most stressful times, no matter what time it has been, he's "always there" and easily reachable.”

    Former Client

Arrested? Under Investigation?

Turn to a Criminal Defense Law Firm You Can Trust

It is never too soon to retain the counsel and support of a criminal defense attorney. You could be facing severe, life-altering penalties. The early you start building your defense, the stronger it will be. A skilled lawyer will be able to find holes and weaknesses in the prosecution's case.

Our firm can provide counsel for your case today. Why wait any longer when you can get a seasoned and proven legal advocate from Bleile & Dawson on your side? Contact us immediately to request a confidential consultation or a free online case evaluation. We are ready to help protect you!

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Have you been accused of a crime?

You may be wondering what steps to take next. Should you try to explain your side of the story? Do you speak openly with authorities? How can you best protect your rights? Our Cincinnati criminal defense attorneys are here to provide the guidance, counsel, and representation you need during this time. Our criminal lawyers listen to our clients' side of the story and keep them informed.

With exceptional case results and a team approach, we provide our clients peace of mind and confidence when they step into the courtroom. We truly care about our clients and fight to secure the best possible outcome for their cases. No matter what type of criminal charges you are facing, you should not take them lightly. You could be facing serious penalties, including time in jail or prison and hefty fines. You cannot afford to put your future or your freedom on the line!

Get Seasoned Criminal Defense for Your Case
    • RAPE/TITLE IX ACTION FOR VIOLATION OF STUDENT CODE No Charges Filed/No Arrest/Title IX Action Dismi
    • Possession of Drugs Guilty Verdict Overturned on Appeal
    • Felonious Assault and Child Abuse Not Guilty
    • Child Abuse No Charges Filed/No Arrest
    • Incest, Sex Abuse No Charges Filed, No Arrest
    • Possession of Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia Case Dismissed
    • Robbery Client Arrested but Dismissed at Preliminary Hea
    • Robbery, Burglary and Assault Dismissal
    • Possession of Marijuana Motion to Suppress Granted, Case Dismissed
    • Domestic Violence Case Dismissed
    • Rape, Incest, Sexual Abuse of a Minor Trial, Decision of Judge to Dismiss Our Client f
    • OVI Not Guilty
    • Harboring Dogs Without a License and Failure to Register Dogs Not Guilty after Trial
    • RAPE No Charges Filed/No Arrest
    • Failure of Owner to Maintain Required Insurance Case Dismissed
    • Alcohol Intoxication in a Public Place/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia All Charges Dismissed/Record Expunged
    • AGGRAVATED MENACING Case Dismissed
    • Sexual Battery Not Guilty
    • DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Case Dismissed
    • DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Case Dismissed
    • FELONIOUS ASSAULT Case Dismissed
    • Telecommunications Harassment Not Guilty
    • Assault in the First Degree and Robbery No Charges Filed
    • Assault Not Guilty
    • DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Case Dismissed
    • Child Pornography No Charges Filed
    • Domestic Violence Not Guilty
    • Driving Under Suspension and Possession of Marijuana Case Dismissed
    • Felonious Assault Dismissed
    • Theft, Probation Violation Dismissed
    • Unlawful Use of Electronic Device to Induce Minor No Charges Filed/No Arrest.
    • Driving Under Suspension Not Guilty
    • Domestic Violence Criminal Case and Domestic Violence Protective Order Not Guilty Verdict after a Trial (Criminal Case)
    • Kidnapping, Aggravated Burglary, Aggravated Robbery Not Guilty
    • Kidnapping, Felony Domestic Violence and Felonious Assault Case Dismissed
    • Assault Not Guilty Verdict
    • Domestic Violence Not Guilty after Trial
    • Rape Not Guilty
    • Sexual Abuse of a Minor No Charges Filed
    • Rape Case Dismissed
    • Indecent Exposure Not Guilty
    • Possession of Controlled Substance Charges Dismissed
    • Domestic Violence Emergency Protective Order Dismissed
    • CRIMINAL MISCHIEF Case Dismissed
    • Incest, Sex Abuse No Charges Filed/No Arrest
    • VIOLATION OF EPO/DVO Case Dismissed
    • Unlawful Transaction with a Minor No Charges Filed, No Arrest
    • Domestic Violence Case Dismissed
    • Sodomy Case Dismissed
    • Assault/Domestic Violence All Charges Dismissed
    • Incest No Charges Filed
    • Rape No Charges Filed/No Arrest
    • Domestic Violence Case Dismissed
    • Rape Not Guilty
    • TRAFFICKING IN DRUGS Not Guilty Verdict
    • Civil Stalking Protection Order Protection Order Dismissed
    • Child Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence Case Dismissed; No Criminal Charges Filed; No Ar
    • Receiving Stolen Property, Contempt of Court Case Dismissed
    • Rape, Gross Sexual Imposition Client arrested but Failure to Indict
    • Cultivating Marijuana Motion to Suppress Granted and Affirmed on Appea
    • Rape, Gross Sexual Abuse Investigation Terminated, No Arrest of Clien
    • Weapons Under a Disability a Disability/Carrying a Concealed Weapon by a Felon, Identity Fraud Dismissal
    • Incest, Child Sexual Abuse, Rape Allegations Found Unsubstantiated; Client Was No
    • RAPE Not Guilty
    • Gross Sexual Imposition No Charges Filed
    • Sexual Abuse of a Minor No Charges Filed
    • Assault on a Police Officer, Unlawful Imprisonment, Resisting Arrest Case Dismissed
    • Prohibited Use of Electronic Communications System to Procure Minor Case Dismissed
    • Promoting a Sexual Performance by a Minor No Charges Filed, No Arrest
    • Child Abuse Case Dismissed Prior to Trial
    • Prohibited Use of Electronic Communications System to Procure Minor Not Guilty
    • Alcohol Intoxication in a Public Place All Charges Dismissed
    • Sexual Abuse/Rape of a Minor Case Dismissed
    • Sodomy No Charges Filed

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