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Bad things happen to good people. You might have been targeted with false and malicious allegations. You might be a victim of a misunderstanding. You may have made some serious mistakes. Whatever the circumstances, we’re here to help. We are a team of Cincinnati defense attorneys who understand what you’re going through, and we want you to know that you can come to us for compassionate support and defense of your legal rights. We’re ready to listen to your side of the story and stand by your side in court to fight to clear your name and protect your future.

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Nation's Top One PercentAt Bleile & Dawson, we are a team of Cincinnati sex crime lawyers who focus our practice on the defending individuals who are charged with sexual offenses. In fact, we have more than 50 years of collective experience representing individuals who are accused of these crimes and over that time have developed strong understandings and strategies on how these charges can be fought.

Our focus on sex crime cases is a quality that sets us apart from other firms throughout our community. We have extensive experience building effective defense strategies on behalf of our clients who are charged with sex crimes.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sex Crimes

How are sex offenders classified? 
In Ohio, convicted offenders are placed in one of three categories. Tier I is the least serious and includes voyeurism and sexual imposition offenders. Tier II includes those convicted of statutory rape and unlawful conduct with a minor. Tier III, the most serious class, includes offenses such as sexual battery, rape, and sexually motivated homicide.

Are sex offenders classified forever? 
If you're convicted of a sex crime, you'll have to register as an offender for a very long time, but usually not forever. Only tier I offenders have to register for the rest of their lives. Tier III offenders must register for 15 years and tier II must register for 25.

What are registered sex offenders required to do? 
Registering as a sex offender in Ohio can lead to some uncomfortable circumstances. For tier III offenders, the authorities must notify all residents living within a 1,000 feet from the offender, along with other entities, like daycares and schools, within that county. Additionally, sex offenders cannot live 1,000 feet from a school or daycare center.

Is it possible to petition for treatment rather than prison time? 
If an offender realizes that they have a problem and need psychiatric or another kind of therapy, this could be valuable information for the judge to know. However, it will not excuse an offender from prison time. The State of Ohio provides resources for sex offenders after a conviction, as well.

Can juveniles be convicted and registered as sex offenders? 
They can. The trial and legal process depends on the nature of their crime, but convicted juveniles can be convicted of sex crime and must register as sex offenders. For tier II and III offenders, however, these registration periods are five years shorter.

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