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Importuning Ohio

What is an Importuning Charge?

Handcuffed - importuning charge

Ohio strictly penalizes and zealously prosecutes anyone accused of importuning, which is the act of soliciting a minor under the age of 13 to engage in a sexual activity. These activities include prostitution and sexually explicit electronic messages (texting, social media, emails, etc).

People charged with importuning will be slandered in their communities, places of employment, educational institutions, and so forth before the case even goes to trial. Of course, the matter will worsen if a conviction is secured by the prosecution.

Importuning is a felony crime, which can be penalized with:

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Defenses Against Importuning Charges in Ohio

Importuning charges are usually brought forth after someone allegedly flirts with or sexually entices a minor in an online forum. It is unusual for importuning charges to be filed due to an in-person encounter. As such, the evidence the prosecution can collect in an importuning case is usually questionable at best. Anything that occurs in an online forum, like a chatroom or through emails, is always highly suspicious, as there is practically no way to know for certain who is actually typing and communicating.

Questions to bring up in your importuning defense case include:

  • Were you in a chatroom designated for adults only?
  • Did the alleged victim make convincing claims to imply or state they were an adult?
  • Did you ever say or type anything explicitly sexual in nature?
  • Do other people have regular access to the alleged victim’s computer and online accounts?
  • Were you entrapped by the police, who enticed you to engage in the conversation?

No matter how experienced the prosecution, there will be holes somewhere in their case. It is our job and mission to find the weaknesses and exploit them. Our Ohio sex crime attorneys will not be satisfied until we secure the best possible case outcome on your behalf.

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