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What is Voyeurism & What are the Penalties?

Under Ohio law, voyeurism is a crime involving watching people who are either disrobed or engaging in sexual activity for the express reason of sexual gratification. Voyeurism can be charged as a high degree misdemeanor but also a felony if the victim is a minor.

A single conviction for voyeurism in Ohio could penalize you with:

Have you been accused of voyeurism in Ohio? You cannot risk your reputation, freedom, and finances by not putting up a strong defense. Come to the Law Firm of Bleile & Dawson and work with our sex crimes attorneys in Cincinnati, who have more than 40 years of total legal experience to put to good use for your case.

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Defenses to Voyeurism Charges in Ohio

You should never assume that your case cannot be defended. With our experience, knowledgeability, and intuition, there is always a way to seek reduced charges, a case dismissal, or a not guilty verdict. It begin with sitting down with you to discuss the situation surrounding your arrest, reviewing the supposed evidence to be used by the prosecution, and going from there.

Common defenses for voyeurism charges include:

  • Mistaken identity: Acts of voyeurism are generally conducted in dimly-lit settings that allow the alleged perpetrator to conceal themselves. It is entirely feasible that a witness or victim could have difficulty identifying the person who actually spied or eavesdropped upon them. If the prosecution cannot say beyond a doubt that you were the person who committed voyeurism, then there should be no conviction or case at all.
  • No sexual intent: An important element of voyeurism charges is the purpose behind the spying or eavesdropping. The law describes the act as one in pursuit of sexual pleasure. If you were not intending to gain any sort of sexual gratification from the intrusion, then you were not committing voyeurism. It could be possible to have your charges lessened or dropped.
  • No sexual content: It is also important to realize that it is not voyeurism to spy or eavesdrop upon someone who is not in the nude or engaging in a sexual act. Once again, this could allow your charges to be reduced or dismissed due to a lack of corresponding evidence.

Keep in mind that one, more than one, or none of these defense strategies might apply to your own case. Every sex crimes defense case is different from the next. To stand a high chance in and out of court, you should work closely with our Ohio voyeurism defense lawyers so we can craft a personalized defense based on the specifics of your case.

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  • Drug Trafficking; Drug Possession Not Guilty
  • Criminal Damaging Not Guilty
  • Title IX Sexual Assault Case Dismissed
  • Sexual Misconduct with a Minor; Sexual Assault Protection Order Case Dismissed
  • Rape, Sodomy, and Sexual Abuse No Charges Filed, No Arrest
  • Rape/Title IX Action For Violation Of Student Code No Charges Filed/No Arrest/Title IX Dismissed
  • Receiving Stolen Property, Contempt of Court Case Dismissed
  • Robbery Client Arrested but Dismissed at Hearing
  • Robbery, Burglary and Assault Dismissal
  • Sexual Abuse No Charges Filed/No Arrest

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