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Sex Offender Registration in Ohio

In Ohio, individuals who are convicted of sex crimes are required to register as sex offenders for a minimum of 10 years. The exact amount of time that you will be made to register will depend on various factors of your case, including its severity. The list of sex offenders is available to the public so that they are aware of the sex offenders within their area.

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Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act

In 2008, the state of Ohio adopted the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act. This act develops various tiers of sex offenders based on the severity of the sex crime and the regulations involved.

Sex offenders are required to register in the counties where they:

  • Work
  • Live
  • Attend school

If the sex offender moves, he or she will be required to register in that area. Following are the tiers of sex offenders:

Tier III Offenders
Tier III includes individuals who have allegedly committed the most serious offenses, such as murder with sexual motivation, sexual battery, and rape. Individuals in Tier II must register every 90 days for their entire lives.

Tier II Offenders
Individuals who fall into Tier II have been convicted of offenses that include unlawful sexual conduct with minor and other sex crime charges of this weightiness. Sex offenders who fall into this category must register every 180 days for 25 years.

Tier I Offenders
Types of sex crime offenses that fall into Tier I include pandering obscenity and sexual imposition. Juveniles in Tier I will need to register every year for a decade, but adults will need to register once a year for every 15 years.

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