Pre-Arrest Investigations

What to Do When You're Being Investigated

If you are facing allegations of a criminal offense, keep in mind that you have not yet been charged! You can still take proactive steps to avoid a charge of the offense by obtaining quality defense from our firm. Your best move at this point in your case will be to hire a Cincinnati criminal defense attorney early on before the charges surface.

At Bleile & Dawson, we can provide you with defense during a pre-file investigation and the remainder of your legal proceeding. Contact us immediately if you are aware of criminal allegations against you.

Understanding a Pre-File Investigation

Pre-file investigations are the first legal proceeding that will occur after a defendant is accused with a crime. Prior to the person being charged, the police must perform an investigation to determine whether the evidence is solid enough for charges to be filed. A Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer from our firm can conduct an investigation and represent you as the pre-trial investigation is occurring.

If you are represented by an experienced attorney, you can avoid saying incriminating statements because your lawyer can speak on your behalf. Our firm can help you prove that the allegations against you do not have grounds for a charge. At Bleile & Dawson, we have more than 20 years of combined experience and have helped numerous individuals avoid charges.

Do not hesitate to get legal help from our firm. We are a group of eclectic attorneys from varying backgrounds and different ages who combine our skills to defend the freedom of our clients. Our legal team is committed to representing clients and providing them with the personalized representation they need as they face allegations of various criminal offenses. Schedule a free case evaluation at your earliest convenience for help during the pre-file investigation period!

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