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Supreme Court Rules on Another Gun Law


In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court of the United States decided that individuals could not buy a firearm solely for the purpose of giving it to someone else. The Court stressed that this decision would help stop "sham" buyers from purchasing a gun and giving it to an individual who could not lawfully purchase it.

The case arose from an individual purchasing a gun in Virginia and then transferring possession to his uncle in Pennsylvania. Even though both individual could legally purchase a firearm, the Court stated that it was illegal to transfer firearms in that fashion.

In society today, any topic that deals with firearms is considered a hot button issue. National media outlets jump at the opportunity to report on this issue for the simple fact that the lines are clearly drawn between individuals who would like more gun control and vice versa. Whether you are for or against increased gun control laws, it is important to understand the rights that all individuals have according to the United States Constitution.

The Second Amendment gives all individuals the right to bear arms. Throughout the evolution of our society we have placed limits on that right. For example, if an individual is a convicted felon he or she has lost the right to be in possession of a firearm (this is true even in cases involving non-violent crimes, including sex crime convictions). Furthermore, we have limited the type of firearms we allow individual to own. Some guns, mostly sophisticated military weaponry, are not allowed to be purchased by general members of society.

It is important to read and understand all laws pertaining to guns and their purchase in the state the individual resides. Gun laws can differ from one state to another, which could cause the individual to break one of these laws without even knowing it. This could lead to fines, jail time, or having the gun taken away from your possession. In the end, it is important to stay up to date on the every changing landscape of gun laws throughout the United States.

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