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Controversial Sex Offender Law Being Challenged


An Indiana state law that prevents sexual offenders from entering school buildings will be challenged in court. The basis of the lawsuit argues the law inhibits certain individuals from the right to vote. The lawsuit was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana.

While the law may seem to serve an important public interest, it could also easily be seen as an undue burden affecting a person’s constitutional rights. The aim of the original law was to prevent certain offenders from access to places where children frequent; however, children are not allowed in polling locations unless accompanied by an adult.

Opponents of the lawsuit claim sexual offenders’ right to vote is unaffected due to absentee voting. While this may seem like a logical assertion, voting via absentee ballot often requires separate applications and does not offer the in-person assistance that is available at the actual polling locations. In addition, opponents feel those convicted of sex crimes should not possess the privilege and right to be on school property. This is an interesting argument because by preventing this class of citizens from voting, fundamental rights are being directly violated.

The act of physically voting is fundamental to our rights as Americans and this law unfairly discriminates against a select class of individuals. These individuals have already paid their debt to society, and in many cases, are still doing so in the form of registering as sex offenders. It is unfair to prevent a free citizen from exercising the same rights and privileges afforded to everyone else.

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