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Leaked Photos Lead to High School Controversy


Local students have found themselves in hot water over allegations regarding nude photos of fellow classmates circulating via cell phones. These allegations have led to a criminal investigation by an area police department; which has already confiscated multiple cell phones and compiled a lengthy list of involved students.

According to the school's superintendent, there may be more students involved than the twenty names that police are already aware of. The number of circulating photos is also unknown, but the photos that have been verified depict more than one individual, at least one male and one female, and may even date back as far as two years.

While police still have yet to make any arrests, sex crime charges will likely follow given the seriousness of the offense. In Ohio, possessing pornography depicting a minor is a felony and federal law prohibits the production, distribution and possession of child pornography.

Young people often overlook the legal ramifications that may arise from this type of behavior. Even when two minors, who are in a relationship, transmit any type of video or photograph between each other, and that media contains nudity, a crime has been committed. While it may seem like harmless "sexting" at the time, relationships deteriorate and maturity does not always overcome emotion, leading to the possibility that what once was confidential material will become public.

Parents should be especially frightened of how their children are using social media. With the popularity of cellphones, the Internet, and social media, young people today have access to what seems to be an endless array of communication channels in which to broadcast their personal lives and connect with the world around them; but when used in such a manner that violates state and federal law, lives can quickly become ravaged by harsher realities. It is important that parents are aware and have access to those same channels that their children use. Without this transparency the likelihood that a serious legal issue arises increases.

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