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New KY Law Allows Expungement of Class D Felony Convictions


A newly-signed bill in Kentucky will now allow individuals with certain Class D felony convictions to have their criminal records cleared five years after completing their sentence. Signed by Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin on April 12th, 2016, the law will provide a much-needed opportunity for low-level felony convicts to reintegrate with society and find meaningful employment.

In order to have one’s felony record expunged, individuals with eligible Class D felony convictions must complete their sentence, maintain a clean criminal record for five years, and pay a $500 administrative fee. Upon expungement, individuals will have the ability to truthfully say that they have never been convicted of a felony, thereby greatly improving their job opportunities.

Having failed in the Republican-controlled Senate numerous times over the past decade despite unanimous support in the House, support for the bill increased over the past year with endorsements from the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, the Smart On Crime Coalition, and Governor Bevin. The bill’s initial sponsor, Democrat Rep. Darryl Owens, commented on the bill’s long-awaited passing, stating that “I’m happy for these folks who now will be able to get their life on the right track, be productive and contribute significantly to this community and to the commonwealth.”

The new bill makes 61 different Class D felonies eligible for expungement, including common offenses such as failure to pay child support, theft, and possession of a controlled substance. It is estimated that this bill will apply to roughly 70 percent of Class D felonies committed. For more information on this new legislation, click here.

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