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Concealed Carry Reform


College Students in Ohio may soon be finding the Second Amendment in more places than their textbooks. A bill has passed the Ohio State Senate which will allow the practice of concealed carry of firearms on campuses as well as other previously restricted areas. Daycares and school parking lots are some of the areas which, under the bill, will now be unrestricted for concealed carriers.

House Bill 48’s primary intent is to clean up legislation which is, currently, convoluted and has caused some concealed carriers trouble in the past. However, don’t let that confuse the reader, according to a Senator out of Lebanon, Ohio the bill is also focused on “allowing law-abiding citizens to exercise their second amendment right.” The right to bear arms is considered by many to be a cornerstone of our constitution and it is refreshing to see that the Ohio legislature is moving in that direction.

Not without its critics, the bill was passed under a 23-9 split in the Senate. Some feel that gun free zones lead to less instances of gun violence and with that logic believe it better to keep them off school campuses, for example. One of the opposing senators out of Cincinnati when asked about the bill said, “Letting the college to allow guns on campus is insane. It should not be allowed, period.” Many advocates for gun free zones argue that the current laws and punishments in place should be stricter, however the majority of the senate seems to disagree with this philosophy.

Though the law is becoming more easily defined in Ohio, illegally carrying a firearm can still carry stiff penalties in many jurisdictions. The concern and part of what Ohio is attempting to prevent with this bill, is the diversity between jurisdictions and punishments for illegally concealed firearms. In some states it is considered a misdemeanor and could be punishable with a fine. Whereas in more stringent jurisdictions the punishment can be as high as a felony carrying with it extremely high fines and jail time. As with any person accused of a crime, regardless of your political opinions, it is imperative that an attorney be contacted immediately and it’s essential you select one that is on your side from start to finish.

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