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Unwavering Criminal Defense in Kenton County Bleile & Dawson are committed to protecting that which is most important to you.

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Kenton County

Kenton County takes criminal charges very seriously and prosecution will use all resources available to build a case against you. The odds are not in your favor, unless you are represented by an experienced and loyal criminal defense attorney.

Experience in Trial

At Bleile & Dawson, we are committed to helping our clients fight the charges against them. We have more 20 years of combined experience defending individuals who have been charged with a variety of charges.

A specific focus of our firm is on defending the freedom of individuals who have been charged with sex crimes, including:

  • Child pornography
  • Rape
  • Internet sex crimes

Our firm's Kenton County criminal defense attorneys have taken many cases to trial and can prepare your case for any outcome. We can defend you in court, regardless of the criminal charge you face.

Dedicated Legal Guidance in Kenton County

One of the traits of our legal team that set us apart from other firms is that we can stop criminal cases before they begin. As soon as you bring your case to the attention of our firm, we can get started seeking a resolution. We take proactive steps to resolve cases in pre-file investigations to help avoid charges. If your case does go to trial, however, we are prepared to aggressively defend you against a conviction.

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Do not let allegations of a criminal offense destroy the prospect of a positive future. We offer attentive and quality services to help defendants who are faced with complex charges. We are available for contact 24 / 7 / 365 and can fight for you!

Our firm offers a free case evaluation to help you get started on the right track toward a reduction or dismissal of your charges. Contact us today by scheduling a free case evaluation!

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