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Wrongly Imprisoned Ohio Men Receive Compensation


After spending decades in prison, two wrongly accused and convicted brothers as well as their childhood friend are finally receiving some good news. The three men will receive more than $1.6 million dollars from the State of Ohio for wrongful imprisonment. The amount they will receive for lost wages has yet to be determined.

Last year, the testimony provided by the prosecution’s only witness was recanted. The witness now asserts pressure was exerted by police to tell a false story during the original trial. While the three men have reclaimed their freedom, there is no amount of compensation that will ever recover the nearly 40 years lost while serving life sentences.

While these three men certainly have a reason to be joyful, there are many others who sit in prison due to overzealous prosecution or police enforcement being more concerned with putting someone behind bars, rather than serving justice. With advances in technology, such as DNA testing, many wrongly convicted men and women have reason to be hopeful.

Each year numerous cases believed to be permanently closed are reopened and reexamined in anticipation of fully exonerating the accused. While these three individuals are a great example of justice being served, it is important to remember they are not alone. Countless numbers of prisoners endlessly wait for the truth to finally surface or for dishonest witnesses to recant their stories. The story above demonstrates that you should not lose hope as it is never too late for those who have been falsely convicted to be vindicated.

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