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Overdose Reversal Drug to Be Available Over-the-Counter


This past Thursday the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy passed an emergency regulation which will allow pharmacists to provide Naloxone without a prescription. This measure comes in the wake of an unprecedented heroin epidemic that is affecting nearly every community in the state. The new regulation will go into effect immediately. However, even though the drug can now be given without a prescription, there are still guidelines and protocols that must be met and which also must be renewed yearly.

Naloxone, which is also known as Narcan, is effective in immediately sending an overdose victim into withdrawal, which in turn restores the person’s breathing. The drug is administered by either spraying directly into the nostrils or by injection. This measure aims to cut down on overdose related deaths caused by both heroin and prescription painkillers.

Prior to this legislation it was necessary to obtain a prescription from a doctor in order to receive Narcan. However, the major problem was the fact that most overdose victims are often not immediately taken to a hospital or someplace that can administer the proper medications. The hope is that drug users will purchase Naloxone and be prepared for any overdoses that may occur or be able to quickly obtain the medication from a pharmacy for someone who is in need.

While this measure will certainly cut down on the death rate, it is unclear just how dramatic the effect will be. A potential cause for concern is the fact that this may enable drug users to continue drug abuse. The knowledge of an available safety net may be enough to prompt some users to freely use drugs without fear of death due to accidental overdose. However, regardless of the pros and cons, hopefully this is a positive step in the fight against heroin.

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