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App Allows Users to Hide Secrets and Texts


Users of smartphones have now found a new way of “sexting” without fear of a parent or significant other finding out. A search in either the Google or Apple stores will reveal hundreds of applications that are designed to hide their true function. While savvy smartphone users may be able to discover the sinister nature of these apps, many people will fall victim to the app’s true purpose.

These applications work by giving the user a secret place to store photos, text messages and even internet browsing history. One school has reported students are using this technology to exchange sexual photos among classmates. While such a use may seem innocent and fun, it is important for users to be educated on the ill effects and consequences that may result. First, whatever is sent is now on the internet and likely will be for a long time. Second, if a user of this app is under the age of 18 and sends nude photos there may be legal ramifications regarding distribution or possession of child pornography.

While some apps are rather basic, there are more elaborate apps as well - some of which require two passwords. One password will wipe the app clean, while the other password will bring all of the content back.

Whatever the legal ramifications may be for those who choose to use these apps, one thing is certainly clear: Users should always be cautious when sending sensitive information and should follow the assumption that whatever is sent out is not necessarily private and will most likely be visible by numerous viewers. While these apps may safeguard against some unwanted viewers, it will not protect against the developer who has access to all information stored. In today’s technological and digital world, there is no such thing as secretive or private, especially when it comes to the internet.

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