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Helicopter Parents


The traditional meaning of a helicopter parent is one that many already know. In the case of those who are unaware of the meaning, a helicopter parent is one who hovers and feverishly watches over his or her child to the extent of continually micro-managing every aspect of the child’s life. While this has become the common definition of a helicopter parent, one Floridian may have created a new way to describe this method of parenting.

When referencing this Floridian, the term helicopter parent is directed toward the “helicopter” portion of the phrase. The man recently used a helicopter to perform a tooth extraction on his son. We have all heard of the classic method to remove a loose tooth - tying the tooth to a door knob with string and then slamming the door shut - which usually does the trick and wrenches the tooth from its loosened position. However, this particular situation is something a bit beyond the old method of tooth removal.

This is certainly one of those instances where one needs to see it to believe it. Fortunately for our readers, there is a video floating around on the internet of the extraction itself. Not only is there a video of this most recent helicopter extraction, but there is also an entire genre of videos on the internet involving strange tooth extractions. One involving a model rocket, one involving a nerf gun, and of course one involving a sports car!

While these strange methods of tooth extraction may seem like fun and games to most people, there are those in the world who may think this is not such a great idea. In fact, there is a classification of crime that may come into play in scenarios such as the one described above. In Kentucky, for example, Endangering the Welfare of a Minor is considered a Class A misdemeanor, which could lead to a stiff penalty of up to one year in jail and a $500.00 fine. Further, such an incident could call into question parenting techniques and cause the parents to be reported to child social services, which could then trigger dependency, neglect, or abuse proceedings in family court.

The fact of the matter is the helicopter father was thinking of a creative way to extract a tooth in order to make a normally unpleasant process an experience the entire family will remember forever. Not many people can say when they were young, a family member extracted their tooth with a rocket. One of the main critiques which arose regarding the helicopter father is that the upmost safety was taken into account when he was performing the task. As a professionally licensed pilot, the helicopter father was able to maneuver the helicopter in such a way that the level of danger to the child was almost non-existent. However, not everyone would agree the danger was eliminated and in such instances, when the legal system is attempting to make a crime out of a worthwhile family experience, the best person to have by your side is your attorney.

The attorney’s at Bleile & Dawson are extremely knowledgeable in criminal law, especially when it comes to defending our clients against wrongful accusations, whether in the State of Ohio or the Commonwealth of Kentucky. If you feel that you have wrongly been accused of a crime and seek to find the best possible representation to fight for you, hire a law firm that puts the client first and fights hard to protect the client. Contact us today for a completely confidential consultation at 513-564-0088.

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