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Thirty Nine going on Seventy Three


Most people would do anything for their mother. However, sometimes the favor may turn out to be more than the person bargained for. One Canadian daughter discovered this truth on her own when her mother recently requested something that goes above and beyond running a simple errand.

The thirty-nine year old daughter was asked to take a driving test in place of her seventy-three year old mother. Typically, in Canada, a driving test is only required when you first obtain a driver’s license, however circumstances can arise which require an additional driving portion of the test. It is for the additional driving portion the daughter was called upon by her mother to complete.

According to local authorities, the daughter donned a wig, glasses, and clothing befitting an older person when she arrived to take the test. One can only assume she looked rather convincing in this disguise, however the proctor was suspicious. Acting on that suspicion the proctor alerted local police who promptly arrived and unmasked the daughter.

It turned out she intended to take the test for her mother simply because her mother asked her to do so as a favor. The mother was nervous about taking the test, possibly due to her age and requested her daughter go in her place. While this may appear on its face to the average person to be an act of kindness one would bestow on a loved one, the local authorities took a different stance.

The authorities charged the daughter with one count of “Impersonating an Adult.” While one can see the importance of driver testing for the safety of others on the roadways, some may believe the charge of fraud does not seem appropriate given the circumstances. This ultimately boils down to a daughter attempting to assist her mother. Sure, what the woman did could be construed as wrong within the strict black letter of the law, however, is the response of the authorities an appropriate one? Could this have been resolved with more discretion? Regardless, we would not recommend the accused in this case attempt to impersonate a lawyer. Instead it may be time to hang up the costumes and get the real thing!

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