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Finding A Higher Power


The Churchgoers at a local place of worship received more than they bargained for after a recent weekly service. Several members of the congregation, ranging from ages twelve to seventy, became ill after ingesting cookies which apparently contained more than just sugar. It appears the cookies showed them a higher power than one would normally expect to see in your typical religious service.

Reports indicate the cookies, were laced with THC, short for Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the active ingredient in Marijuana. Typically, this chemical is ingested via smoking the plant itself, however, it can also be synthesized and used as an ingredient in baked goods – an experience the congregation recently discovered. The process of synthesizing and baking the compound, makes it difficult to detect the distinct odor of the plant. Thus, one may not know if he or she has been exposed to the drug.

Local investigative agencies suspect the cookies, because they were the only common factor linking the people who fell ill to those that tested positive for Marijuana. When someone is under the influence of THC, he or she may experience symptoms such as high blood pressure, anxiety, lethargy, delayed motor skills, and even paranoia. Was this some sort of prank a member of the congregation wanted to pull on his or her fellow churchgoers? Or, perhaps it was some sort of mistake, a little “Mix Up” so to speak. Regardless of the intent, the cookies were distributed and we will soon know whether they were indeed the cause of the positive drug tests. If so, the distribution of the cookies could hold some serious consequences.

With today’s almost archaic drug laws, the simple possession of a concentrate such as that used in the cookies may lead to a felony offense. Further, it could result in a stiff punishment including prison time as well as hefty fines. For the sake of the distributor, let’s hope the cookies were not the cause of the illnesses experienced by the congregation. On the other hand, if the cookies were the cause, it is important to select attorneys who know the best options for situations such as this where the stakes are so very high.

The attorney’s at Bleile & Dawson are extremely knowledgeable in criminal law, especially when it comes to defending our clients against wrongful accusations, whether in the State of Ohio or the Commonwealth of Kentucky. If you feel that you have wrongly been accused of a crime and seek to find the best possible representation to fight for you, hire a law firm that puts the client first and fights hard to protect the client. Contact us today for a completely confidential consultation at 513-564-0088.

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