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Frisky Business


What many would call a senior prank, others are calling a crime. This past week a student from the Cincinnati Public School District posted a fake letter to Facebook stating all students were required to undergo “mandatory penis and vaginal inspections.” This letter was written on what appeared to be Cincinnati Public School letterhead.

While to some this may seem like a prank, albeit a tasteless prank, others are reacting a bit more harshly. The use of the CPS letterhead technically constitutes forgery, a felony of the fifth degree. It is unclear who is responsible for this “prank”, but the school district has stated that those involved will be disciplined.

Distinguishing this prank from an actual crime does not warrant a thorough investigation however. It is clear from the language that the authors were never intending to actually deceive the student population into submitting to this examination. A claim this outrageous surely could never have been intended to convince someone to actually go and submit.

That being said, there will certainly be those who think that using the CPS letterhead is enough to warrant prosecution. While this prank may have been a victimless crime, society today does not take certain actions lightly. In a world where the focus always seems to be motivated by being “politically correct,” these students chose to be original, and for that should be commended; especially considering that this was just a way for the senior class to get one last laugh.

Regardless of the outcome of the case, it is important to always keep in mind your actions, regardless of the intent, because it may be enough to put your life in jeopardy. Erring on the side of caution is always the best option and choosing an attorney that understands the clients’ position is the cornerstone of sound representation.

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